Housing Ministry warns of fraudsters

Housing Ministry warns of fraudsters

Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali has issued a warning to the general public to beware of fraudsters who attempt to sell house lots to them which are only available through the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).

Minister Ali is urging persons “to safeguard yourself and to operate in an honest way because when you do this and you are part of these schemes you are also a part of the fraud.”

The Minister explained that the Internal Control and system of the CHPA has been strengthened “to the extent that we have been nabbing a lot of fraudsters and detecting a lot of fraud in the system.”

He observed that those that were found are from the fraudsters outside of the system. “We have warned the public out there that there is only one way of conducting business with the CHPA, and that is by coming into the Ministry and dealing directly with the Ministry,” Minister Ali stated emphatically.

He explained that one recent fraudster was nabbed trying to sell some of the turn key homes. Cecil Davis aka Charlie was placed before the court and placed on bail. His next appearance in court will be on August 12.

Minister Ali is also urging persons with additional information on anyone trying to sell turn key homes to take the information into the Ministry. He added that currently more than 13 cases have been investigated. (GINA)

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