IDPADA-G offers small grants to Agriculture based member organisations through new project

IDPADA-G offers small grants to Agriculture based member organisations through new project

The International Decade for the People of African Descent Assembly – Guyana (IDPADA-G) has secured funding from a US-based organisation and is set to issue US$110,000 in small grants to 25 agriculture-based member organisations and small-scale farmers under its ‘Enhanced Economic Participation and Development Project.’ 

The IDPADA-G’s Project Coordinator, Roxanne Myers said under the ‘Enhanced Economic Participation and Development Project’ new and prospective entrepreneurs stand the chance of receiving GUY$400,000 each to advance their businesses, while well-seasoned organizations and businesses can benefit from a GUY$2M grant.

Myers said so far, 30 organisations have applied for the grants, and are now required to submit concept notes. Of the 30 that have applied, 25 will be shortlisted for the grants. 

As part of the ‘Enhanced Economic Participation and Development, IDPADA-G held a series of technical workshops to build the capacity of farmers and agro-processors within its member organisations. 

“We were able to facilitate technical workshops from March throughout until April end in crop management, and agro-processing, and animal husbandry looking at poultry, swine, and looking at packaging and marketing, which is a big area for people who are producing things, and also looking at how, they market their products,” Myers explained. 

The technical workshops attracted 72 participants, however, only 50 of them successfully completed all of the sessions. 

On Wednesday during a simple ceremony at the Fitzgerald House, the 50 participants received certificates of recognition for successfully completing the technical workshops. 

Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) graduate, Kevin Somrah – was among the beneficiaries.

The 22-year-old entrepreneur, who operates a farm, told News Source that the training has boosted both his knowledge and skills in agriculture production, agro-processing and marketing  

“My reason for being here at these trainings is to gain more knowledge, and hands on skills that could take my business from one stage to the next. IDPADA-G has indeed filled that gap in order for me to become more successful in my business endeavors. I am currently involved in agriculture, planting in the Bonasika Creek, in Region Three. Now, everything I have learnt from these trainings, they are all indeed applicable. I have experienced indeed lots of hands-on training,” Somrah said. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IDPADA-G, Olive Sampson, who spoke on behalf of the Chairman Vincent Alexander, said the project materialized in the face of adversity, and is a demonstration of IDPADA-G’s commitment to the community of the People of African Descent. 

“What has been achieved, exemplifies the goals of the Decade and the dire need of our community in the face of historic animosity, inequity and even iniquity. What has been bequeathed to you is as valuable as any worthy treasure. Knowledge is an invaluable life-long and inter-generational asset. There are those who have associated the Decade with handouts. While the access to material resources is necessary, none can be compared to human development which is the sustainable corner stone of all development,” Sampson told those present. 

She challenged the participants to apply the knowledge and skills to advance their development of their farms and businesses. 

IDPADA-G, a once government-funded organisation, now looks to local and international donors and organisations to execute its mandate. The current Government suspended all funding to the organisation in 2022 amid allegations of financial mismanagement. IDPADA-G has repeatedly rejected those allegations.

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