Jagdeo declares “Government not sincere” with resignation of dual citizenship MPs

Jagdeo declares “Government not sincere” with resignation of dual citizenship MPs

Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo today said the coalition government is not sincere with the resignation of four of its Members of Parliament who hold dual citizenship.

At his weekly press conference this afternoon, Mr. Jagdeo said the government was caught in a dilemma following the ruling of the High Court and the Court of Appeal in the no-confidence cases.

Both Courts said someone who would have pledged allegiance to another country is not eligible to sit as a Member of Parliament.

According to the Opposition Leader “they were caught in a dilemma and they are trying to get out of that dilemma because they are not sincere about it. It is the lack of sincerity and lack of honesty”.

He pointed out that the three statements issued by the Government on the matter all appear to be contradicting each other.

President David Granger’s Office announced yesterday morning that the President had accepted the resignations of the four MPs who were also serving Ministers.

Later in the day, a Government of Guyana release stated that the portfolios of the four resigned Ministers will be taken up by other Cabinet Ministers and four new Members of Parliament will be announced.

Ministers Joe Harmon, Dominic Gaskin, Carl Greenidge and Dr. Rupert Roopnarine

This morning the President’s office clarified that although the President has accepted the resignations of the four Ministers, the resignations will only take effect after all of the processes are completed, including their resignations to the Speaker as Members of Parliament.

The President’s office also announced that the three APNU Ministers will be renouncing their foreign citizenship. The fourth Minister, who is from the AFC, was born in the United Kingdom. His citizenship is by birth.

Jagdeo told the media today that the Government cannot get its story right and is taking the nation for a ride.

“Clearly these people think Guyanese are fools that we will buy this garbage that they shove on us and not recognise that they are taking us for a ride”, Jagdeo said.

Mr. Jagdeo said he has also taken note of the statement from the Government that the resigned Ministers will take on new roles in Government that do not require their presence in Parliament.

He said that move will only mean that taxpayers will have to continue to pay the salaries of the four resigned Ministers in their new roles and they will continue to enjoy the perks of working in the government.

Jagdeo’s party, the People’s Progressive Party, also has a number of its Members of Parliament who hold dual citizenship.

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