Jagdeo maintains salary deductions will have to be made for striking teachers at some point

Jagdeo maintains salary deductions will have to be made for striking teachers at some point

Even as striking teachers have moved to the Court over the Government’s efforts to slash their salaries and the case is ongoing with conservatory orders in place, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo is holding firm to the position that salaries will have to be cut.

At a press conference today, Mr. Jagdeo said the Government intends to uphold the recent Court ruling which barred the government from deducting the salaries of the striking teachers until the hearing and determination of the substantive case. 

But he said while teachers will receive their full salaries in line with the Court ruling, he has been advised that deductions will have to be eventually made.

“We will continue to collect information on those who are absenting themselves from the classroom—the teachers because somehow this order conceived in some quarters and the union has actively peddled that you will be paid even if you don’t work and maybe so in this period, pending the hearing of the case but our administration has been advised by the lawyers that the laws of Guyana do not support the principle where you don’t work and you will be paid,” the Vice President told a news conference.

The Vice President accused the Guyana Teachers’ Union of misleading the striking teachers.

“So, I am urging the teachers not to be misled by what you hear from the union. You have heard so many misleading things already. So for those who believe that they can strike forever and they will receive pay forever, imagine the common sense for that argument,” Jagdeo stated.

The Vice President said government will follow the orders of Justice Sandil Kissoon, but wants teachers to know, they would not be paid forever if they stay home forever.

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