Judicial Service Commission reinstates Magistrate Alex Moore

Judicial Service Commission reinstates Magistrate Alex Moore

The Judicial Service Commission on Wednesday announced that it was lifting the suspension it imposed on Magistrate Alex Moore and he was free to return to the bench. Moore was suspended just over three months ago.

His suspension came after a woman who appeared in his courtroom complained to the JSC about the language the Magistrate used towards her. She said his behavior was unbecoming and she felt embarrassed and humiliated in his courtroom.

Moore was summoned to appear before the Commission last week and he sought to explain his side of the story through his attorneys. The Judicial Service Commission in a statement about its findings said the Commission is of the considered view that in relation to the complaint, no further action or intervention against or with Magistrate Moore is warranted.

“The Judicial Service Commission takes the opportunity to point out that the account provided by Ms. Singh of her experience at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court differed in material respects from the report carried in certain sections of the print media.”

 The Commission also reported that in relation to all other maters which engaged the attention of the Commission concerning Magistrate Alex Moore, the Commission was generally satisfied with the responses provided by Magistrate Moore and “as a consequence, Magistrate Moore has been reinstated to the Magisterial Bench.”

Moore had also been strongly criticized by many in the legal fraternity and the criminal law area after handed down a suspended sentence to a man who was busted with a large quantity of cocaine and illegal weapons.

The suspended sentence raised several eyebrows especially since there were persons who were slapped with stiffer much sentences for minor offences.

Filed:  12th March, 2015


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