Magistrate Alex Moore off Marcus Bisram case

Magistrate Alex Moore off Marcus Bisram case

Following the direction of the Chancellor of the Judiciary, Magistrate Alex Moore was today forced to recuse himself from further presiding over the murder case involving Marcus Bisram.

Moore’s decision came days after relatives of the man who was murdered, Faiyaz Narinedatt, petitioned the High Court, seeking the Magistrate’s removal from the hearing the case.

The last time the case was called, Moore reported that he was unwell and could not attend Court.

The family members also recently expressed concerns over the Magistrate’s decision to conduct a paper committal instead of a preliminary inquiry into the matter.

Last week in a statement, the family of the victim also expressed their full support of the work being done by the Director of Public Prosecutions as it relates to the particular case.

With the Magistrate stepping away from the case, it will now have to go to the Chief Magistrate for reassignment.

The Attorneys for Marcus Bisram are not happy with the move and have expressed their discontent with the decision to have Magistrate Moore removed from hearing the case.

Attorney Sanjeev Datadin complained that the Defence Attorneys were never informed of the petition to the Court or the decision by the Chancellor to ask the Magistrate to recuse himself from the matter.

Datadin said it was unreasonable and will cause further delays in the case moving forward.

The murder accused, Marcus Bisram was recently extradited from the US to face the murder trial in Guyana. A number of his former associates are also facing the Court over the murder of the carpenter, who it is believed, as killed because he refused advances from Bisram.

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