Kidnapped baby found; man and wife arrested

Kidnapped baby found; man and wife arrested

The newborn baby who was kidnapped close to two weeks ago was found on Sunday morning in a house on the Corentyne coast and has been reunited with his mother.

Acting on information, Police investigators hurried down to a house in Chesney village, Corentyne where they discovered the baby in the company of two adults. The adults, a Corentyne woman and her husband have since been taken into custody. The baby was taken to the hospital in the Port Mourant community for a medical check up according to police sources.

The kidnapping had triggered a massive search in both Guyana and Suriname. It was believed that the baby may have been taken by the kidnapper to a village in neighbouring Suriname.

The mother of the baby had told the media that she was befriended by a woman just after giving birth to the baby and the woman even visited her home after she was discharged from the hospital and offered assistance in purchasing clothes and other items for the newborn. The mother Sandra McLean said the woman asked to babysit the child while she went off to the market but when she returned home, both the woman and the baby were gone.

Members of the Guyana Police Force launched their operations to locate the missing baby and the searches took them to several villages in the Berbice area where they questioned several persons. The Police in Suriname were also alerted and began their own searches in neighbouring communities.

Police sources told News Source that both the mother and her baby appear to be doing well.

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