Linden Nurses to go on strike

Linden Nurses to go on strike

Nurses in the mining town of Linden have decided to go on a full scale strike action from Wednesday morning. The over 75 nurses based at the two hospitals in the town have been protesting over the past two weeks for their gratuity payments which were due in March but were never made.

Union Representative Maurice Butters told News Source that the move ┬áis necessary as there is no clear indication as to when the nurses would receive their money. He said the union has been told that the Government is in no position right now to honor the full payments and would like the nurses to accept less than 25% of the gratuity owed to them. “That is unacceptable”, he said..

The Health Ministry has been keeping a close eye on the situation in Linden and so too has been Region 10 and APNU Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon.

Ms. Kissoon raised the concerns of the nurses during her budget debate contributions asking for the intervention of the Health Minister.

After word came today of the planned strike action, Kissoon said she is surprised that the situation has been allowed to reach this stage. She said she intends to raise the issue once again with the Minister of Health.


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