Teixeira says Budget will be Challenge to cut

Teixeira says Budget will be Challenge to cut

The considerations of the Budget estimates are expected to begin on Wednesday in the National Assembly.

The Opposition has already indicated its intention to cut the estimates for some Government Agencies but Chief Whip of the Peoples Progressive Party and Presidential Adviser Gail Teixeira has issued a call for the Opposition to be wise and not follow what may be considered popular.

Teixeira told the National Assembly during her budget debate presentation that the 2013 Budget as presented by the Finance Minister will pose “a challenge to cut”.

She said the $208 Billion budget reflects the  “good standing of our nation and of our economy” and it highlights the ability of Guyanese to improve and to overcome the challenges of past years.

The 2013 Budget she said reflects Government’s “frugal” way of doing business and it serves as a testimony to  the administration sticking to its manifesto plans.

The former Government Minister who is one of the President’s closest advisers also used her budget presentation to accuse the Opposition of failing to meet with the Government on a number of key appointments.

That statement triggered a rebuke from Opposition Leader David Granger who told the Assembly that when it comes to appointments and consultations, he has been doing his part.

Granger said he has attended several meetings with the President on the appointments of the Chancellor and the Chief Justice and has made other recommendations for various positions. He said whenever he has been invited to consult on appointments, he has attended those consultations.

He made it clear that “the President has never invited for any consultation and I failed to attend”.

Speaker of the National Assembly Rapahel Trotman said Granger’s clarification was in order since Teixeira left the  impression that he had been failing to fulfill his constitutional duties as the Leader of the Opposition.

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