Linden Town Council will not be a lazy one -promises new Mayor Sharma Solomon

Linden Town Council will not be a lazy one  -promises new Mayor Sharma Solomon

With a promise of strong leadership, former Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon of the APNU, was elected as the new Mayor of Linden.

Addressing the Council following his election, Mr. Solomon said the new Council will work hard to represent the people of Linden and address their challenges.

He said the town has the potential to be among the best in the country, but tough decisions will have to be made.

“The good news is that we have the will, the ideas and the core resources to make good decisions, implement wise, sustainable plans in order to encourage, recognize and capitalize on these great human resources our community has to offer. Council will give strong support to this administration, but we will expect that on behalf of the citizens of this community at large, good services,” Solomon noted.

The new Linden Mayor promised transformation of the town and said he is hoping for the full support of the Government since the Council is ready to work with the administration for the benefit of the citizens.

He said the new Council intends to have a new approach in the way it examines development issues.

Solomon also promised to be accessible to the people of Linden so that he can work together with them and address their concerns.

“It will be the core of the challenge of this Council to organize and prioritize, sustained, open and transparent processes to ensure that the communities that we work to support pulls together and to make real every progress. Nothing will come easy, there will be many tough decisions that must be made by this Town Councils and Constituencies but the reward of our labour will be great,” Solomon noted.

He said the Council will not be a lazy one, and that there will be constituency representation to the people of Linden

The new Mayor also called on the people of Linden to hold all of their representatives accountable.  

Linden businessman Dominique Blair has been elected Deputy Mayor. 

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