Mackenzie High School teachers continue strike action

Mackenzie High School teachers continue  strike action

Teachers at the Mackenzie High School in Linden walked out of their classrooms again on Tuesday as they continued their protest action over the absence of working washroom and other facilities at the school.

Students of the school were told to stay at home for a second day on Tuesday as the teachers moved their protest from the Education Department to the Regional Democratic Council’s office.

Many of the teachers could be heard complaining bitterly about the absence of running water, not working toilets and outdated facilities at Linden’s premiere secondary school.

One teacher explained to News Source that they were being asked to use toilets that cannot flush and that have no running water attached to them. She said teachers of the school have been complaining for weeks about the situation and all of their complaints have been going unnoticed. She said it is now time for Education officials to take their complaints and concerns seriously and have all of the issues addressed.

News Source was told that some officials at the Education Department and the Regional Office in the town were caught by surprise by the complaints of the teachers. One education official remarked that they were totally unaware of the situation at the school.

The teachers have been called into meetings with the Regional Chairman and the Regional Education officer.


Filed: 3rd February, 2015


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