Mackenzie High School defaced

Mackenzie High School defaced

Teachers and students of the Mackenzie High School were left in shock on Wednesday morning when they turned up for classes only to find several sections of the Principal’s office and the main building defaced with spray paint and graffiti type work.

The wall of the Principal’s office was spray painted with several profanity laced messages and the same was done to several other parts of the school. Some students who attend classes in the main building were asked to head back home on Wednesday morning as the Education Ministry and the Police were notified of the incident.

A senior Education Official at Linden confirmed that the matter was engaging the Regional Education Department and the Ministry of Education. The Chief Education Officer has been informed of the problem.

This is not the first time that the school has found itself being defaced at the end of the CXC examinations. Last year there was a similar occurrence which was blamed on students who were leaving the school.

The Principal called off the graduation exercise last year over the incident. This year, the persons believed to be students, waited until the graduation exercise was over to carry out the defacing of the property.


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