Man commits suicide in hotel after woman’s rejection

Man commits suicide in hotel after woman’s rejection

Investigators are probing a suicide case that took place at a city guest house on Wednesday.

Police were called in at “The Shack Inn and Bar” in Norton Street, Georgetown on Wednesday morning after a woman bolted from one of the rooms claiming that the man she was with, wanted to kill her.

According to reports the 37-year-old man who has been identified as Egleton Grant of Linden, checked into the “short time” hotel just before 11 o’ clock on Wednesday morning in the company of a young woman.

An attendant at the hotel said she heard “loud tumbling and screaming” coming from the room just after the couple checked in. She said moments later the woman was seen running from the room.

The young lady who is also from Linden ran to the hotel workers telling them that the man was trying to choke her. The hotel workers said she told them that she hit him to the crotch and managed to escape.

The Police were contacted and when they arrived, they were forced to kick down the door to the room as there was no answer as they called out for the man.

“We heard the shower on so we thought that he was probably having a bath but the Police kept calling out for him and there was no answer. They eventually decided to kick the door down and that was when they made the gruesome discovery”, a hotel employee said.

The man was found sprawled across the bed with two slits to his neck and two bottles of poison nearby. Investigators believe he ingested the poisonous liquids before slitting his own throat.

From the appearance of the room, the man may have started to vomit after ingesting the poisonous liquid. One of the bottles contained a mixture that appeared to be carbon rat poison while the other bottle contained an acid looking poisonous liquid.

The knife was found near the man’s hand on the bed. Hotel employees said they were all shaken by the incident since it all happened in a matter of minutes.

The man’s body was taken to a city morgue. Investigations are continuing.

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