Multi million dollar fraud rocks Scotia Bank Bartica

Multi million dollar fraud rocks Scotia Bank Bartica

There are reports that Scotia Bank Guyana has been forced to send one of its staffers home at  its Bartica branch  after a multimillion dollar fraud was discovered over the past two weeks.

News Source understands that millions of dollars believed to be well over $100 Million may have gone missing from the bank’s coffers.  It is however unclear whether the money may have been removed from one account or several.

In an official statement to News Source about the fraud, Scotia Bank said “Due to customer privacy considerations we are unable to comment at this time”.  However, the Bank explained that there is an internal audit taking place which was scheduled several months ago, in keeping with procedures of the Bank.

The statement to News Source said “Audits are conducted regularly throughout the Bank to ensure we all meet our obligations to stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders and regulators”.

And though not referring specifically to the fraud, the Bank want to “assure our customers that Scotiabank’s business will always be conducted with the greatest integrity and respect for the law”.


Filed:  4th October, 2014


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