Housing Minister and motorcyclists collide on Durban Street

Housing Minister and  motorcyclists collide on Durban Street

A motorcyclist and his pillion rider were injured on Saturday morning just after 10 o’ clock, when a Toyota Landcruiser vehicle which was reportedly being driven by Housing Minister Irfaan Ali collided with them at the corner of George and  Durban Streets.

The men were reportedly riding along Durban Street while the Minister was traveling along George Street and was crossing over Durban.

The two men were taken to a private hospital where reports stated that they were being treated for a number of injuries. Minister Ali reportedly did not suffer any injuries but assisted in taking the men to see the doctor. 10440691_10152727178747604_8591612699201212414_n

Residents in the area said they heard a loud noise and when they peaked out they saw the men lying on the road side and the black landcruiser parked a short distance away. The residents said the vehicle was being driven by Ali himself.

When News Source visited the Woodlands Hospital, the Minister’s vehicle was spotted parked on the outside but there were no signs of the Minister or the injured men.

A staffer from his office was spotted in the hospital compound but left a short while after noticing the News Source team. The vehicle was also driven away.

It’s unclear whether any reports were made to the Police.

Filed:  4th October, 2014.

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