National Assembly passes new gun laws

National Assembly passes new gun laws

The National Assembly on Thursday  passed amendments to the Firearm Bill which will see tougher penalties being introduced for possession of illegal firearms or components of a firearm.

The firearm amendment bill received the full support of the opposition on Thursday as it was reintroduced to the National Assembly in the name of the Minister of Legal Affairs.

The Opposition parties had previously voted against the bill when it was introduced by the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee. The APNU and AFC have been sticking to their guns that they will not support any piece of legislation introduced to the house by the Home Affairs Minister.That position forced the government to reintroduce the bill under another minister.

The Opposition parties using their majority had passed a no confidence motion in the Home Affairs Minister and have been pressing for his removal from office. The Government has said it will not ask Mr. Rohee to resign.

The new amendment to the firearms bill will see persons found guilty of illegal arms dealing or trafficking facing fines of up to $5 Million and the possibility of 10 years in jail.

The Minister of Legal Affairs told the National Assembly that it is known that Guyana is facing a big problem with illegal firearms and there ought to be moves to curb the problem.

The Opposition parties said they support the move but also want to see serious reforms in the security sector.

The Guyana Police Force has been reporting an increase in gun crimes all across the country.


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