Norton complains about Parliamentary Opposition not being invited to Energy Conference

Norton complains about Parliamentary Opposition not being invited to Energy Conference

On the eve of the opening of the International Energy Conference in Guyana, the Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Aubrey Norton is complaining to the international delegates and visiting Heads of Government about the Opposition being left out of the conference.

Mr. Norton said Government continues to seek to dominate and control all aspects of life in Guyana and has refused to invite the Parliamentary Opposition to participate in the Energy Conference. The PNC said other key stakeholders have also been left off of the invitation list.

“As we welcome these Heads of state and Government, they should be made aware that the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) remains committed to its call for the country’s oil wealth to be used for the benefit of all Guyanese, especially those who are less fortunate and poverty-stricken. Even as oil production is about to triple, there continues to be an increasing disconnect between such developments (inclusive of international oil conferences) and the daily reality and experiences of ordinary Guyanese. Budget 2022, the country’s first oil budget, compounded this pervasive sense of despondency among our citizens by its stingy offerings to the poor and its generosity to the well-off and the well-connected”, Mr. Norton said.

According to the PNC Leader, Guyana’s rich natural resources should be used to uplift the people of the country and transform the country urgently and comprehensively.

Mr. Norton also raised the issue of the bribery allegations against the Vice President and the need for there to be a proper investigation of the allegations. The Vice President has repeatedly denied the allegations that he accepted bribes from Chinese businesses to get big contracts in Guyana.

“As expected, what appears to be credible allegations of corruption against Vice President, Bharrat Jagdeo (Su-gate) were publicly exposed, he has tried to distract the Guyanese people by throwing sand in their eyes. He has attacked opposition MPs and suggested that there is a US government conspiracy to undermine China’s influence in Guyana, rather than being truthful and come clean. No doubt, VP Jagdeo will use the occasion of the International Energy Conference and Expo (scheduled to run from next Tuesday to Friday) to hobnob with world leaders, diplomats and other VIPS in a grand show of pretense that all is normal in Guyana.”

Mr. Norton said Guyanese are fully aware that the allegations of high corruption come at a time when large infrastructure projects are being hatched and that is why he believes there is a need for a proper investigation of the corruption allegations against the VP.

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