NY Police identify dismembered body as missing Guyanese woman

NY Police identify dismembered body as missing Guyanese woman

(NY Post) A jigsaw puzzle of body parts strewn across Long Island was solved thanks to a tattoo on the dismember woman’s right arm, law enforcement sources said.

Police have identified parts of a hacked-up body found in Suffolk County as those of Chinelle Latoya Browne, a Guyanese native who moved to Brownsville, Brooklyn about a year ago.

The 27-year-old mother of four was last seen on Saturday, law enforcement sources said. Her sister, Suget Thompson, 42, of New Jersey, reported her missing from her Brooklyn home, sources said.

The murder mystery unfolded Tuesday morning at 6:45 a.m. when Suffolk police responded to a 911 call in a Bay Shore parking lot nearby the Fire Island ferry. The torso and legs of Browne’s body were found in a “weed-strung lot” right off the trail, Suffolk County Detective Kevin Beyrer said.

On Wednesday, an arm with part of a shirtsleeve was found on the lawn of a Hempstead family right next to their white picket fence around 2 p.m.

Just a quarter-mile down the road, another arm was found Thursday evening in Hempstead, but authorities have not confirmed it is Browne’s left arm.

Browne’s tattoo on her upper right arm with her name, Chinelle, helped authorities identify her.

Browne’s husband, Dale, who still lives in Guyana with their children, told Guyanese media that he last spoke to his wife Saturday afternoon before she headed to work at the department store, Century 21.

He said Browne and her landlord got into an argument Saturday, telling the Guyana Chronicle, “I know that the landlord is responsible for this.”

Sources told the Post the landlord is being eyed as the investigation continues and cops were seen going in and out of her apartment Friday morning.

In a tragic twist, Browne’s last Facebook post was on June 12 when she posted a photo of her wedding day with her father kissing her. “RIP…DADDY it hurts so much to lose him now I lost my mom 5 years ago and now I have to go through this again a person can only take so much,” she wrote.

The gruesome murder has similarities to the infamous 2011 killings at Gilgo Beach, where an unidentified murderer dumped 10 to 14 victims’ bodies along Ocean Parkway.

Nassau, Suffolk and Brooklyn police are still searching for more answers as to why Browne was killed.

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