Opposition coalition not a threat but let people decide -Rohee

Opposition coalition not a threat but let people decide  -Rohee

The General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Clement Rohee does not believe that the newly announced coalition between the opposition parties will serve as a big threat to his party.

The Opposition parties A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change on Saturday announced an agreement that will see them heading into the 2015 elections as a united partnership.

Mr. Rohee told News Source that while he has not seen the agreement or heard much about it, he is not surprised by the move and is not too worried.

“Why would they be a bigger threat”, Rohee questioned while pointing out that “they have been working in partnership all the time in the Parliament so they are only formalising it now.”

When questioned directly about whether the new partnership will serve as a threat to the PPP and its time in office, Mr. Rohee said “let us leave it for the people to decide”.

The People’s Progressive Party has been in government since for the past 22 years. However, the party has been consistently losing votes at the all of the elections since 1992 and in 2011, it lost the majority in parliament and became a minority government.

The APNU and AFC took control of the parliament by gaining the combined majority. The PPP however, was the party that won the single most number of votes and that allowed the party to win the government. The laws of Guyana do no allow the coalition of parties after the elections.

The APNU and AFC will now be heading into the 2015 elections as one party and one list of candidates. APNU Leader David Granger will serve as the Presidential Candidate while AFC Vice Chairman Moses Nagamootoo will serve as the Prime Ministerial Candidate.

Filed: 14th February, 2015

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