PPP still to decide on a Presidential Candidate -Rohee

PPP still to decide on a Presidential Candidate  -Rohee

While President Donald Ramotar ┬ábelieves there is no reason why he will not lead his People’s Progressive Party Civic into the next elections, the party’s General Secretary Clement Rohee has indicated that the party has not yet considered who it will have as its Presidential Candidate.

When asked at his Monday (September 8) press conference, if the PPP has decided on who will lead the party into the next national elections, Rohee said “No no no, we have not decided on that as yet. Those things are to be settled among the leadership of the party”.

In the run up to the last elections, Rohee had thrown his hat in the competition to be the Presidential Candidate but the party rallied around Donald Ramotar who was the General Secretary at the time and who later went on to lead the party into the 2011 elections and deliver its worst showing at national elections since taking office in 1992.

This time around, Rohee is not denying that he may once again have an interest in the Presidential Candidate position, but he said “we will cross that bridge when we get to it”, in response to questions about whether he is still interested in leading his party into an election.

The Opposition parties intend to pass a no confidence motion in the Donald Ramotar administration when the National Assembly comes out of recess in October. Once that motion is passed, the President and his government will be forced to resign and an election date will have to be set that will see elections being called at least three months after the passage of the motion.

The PPP Civic which has been losing votes over the past three elections is confident that it could regain ground and find itself in a majority position again. The combined opposition parties currently hold the majority in the National Assembly.

13th September, 2014


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