PPP closes ranks behind Ramotar as Presidential Candidate

PPP closes ranks behind Ramotar as Presidential Candidate

The governing People’s Progressive Party  is restating its full support for President Donald Ramotar as the party’s Presidential Candidate for the upcoming elections.

The party released a statement late on Thursday announcing that its central committee met and unanimously endorsed Mr. Ramotar as the presidential candidate. But that meeting came more than two weeks after the party’s General Secretary Clement Rohee announced that a decision was already taken at a party meeting.

“The meeting also made an assessment of the current political situation and came up with ways of positioning the party to win an absolute majority in the upcoming national and regional elections. Much discussions centered on ensuring that the party’s elections machinery is well oiled to ensure that the party wins a resounding victory at the May 11 elections”, the statement said.

According to the PPP, the meeting also came up with strategies to reach out to voters right across the political and ethnic spectrum and it expressed full confidence in the Party’s mobilization capacity to bring home a convincing victory in the upcoming elections.

The party is still to decide on a Prime Ministerial Candidate.

Filed: 13th February 2015

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