Ramotar returns unopposed as PPP Presidential Candidate

Ramotar returns unopposed as PPP Presidential Candidate

The General Secretary of the governing People’s Progressive Party, Clement Rohee , has confirmed that President Donald Ramotar has been confirmed as the Presidential Candidate for the party at the upcoming, May 11, 2015 polls.

Mr. Rohee said the decision was made at a central executive meeting of the party last week. He said there was no other person vying for the position.

Asked about whether the party is confident of victory at the polls with Mr. Ramotar at its helm, Rohee said the party is very confident of regaining the majority.

Mr. Ramotar led the PPP into the elections of 2011 and that elections saw the party’s worst showing at national elections since taking office in 1992. Not only did the party lose votes, but it also lost the majority in parliament to the combined opposition.

Rohee does not believe those facts ought to stand in the way of Ramotar leading the party again into elections.

“We are going into the elections with assumptions, we are going to win the elections and we made out after the elections in 2011 what were some of the factors that were responsible for us losing the control of the parliament and we have also pointed out that we have taken corrective measures to address those issues and now I believe as the General Secretary, that we are in a much better position”, Rohee said.”

Asked about what he thinks is responsible for the PPP losing votes consistently over the years, Mr. Rohee said “the political fortunes for every single is up for grabs”, and he is now prepared to move forward rather than to look back at those issues.

He said the party has not settled on a Prime Ministerial Candidate but it is likely that the person will come from the Civic component of the PPP Civic alliance. Mr. Rohee said the issue is still to be settled.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds has served in that position since 1992 except for a nine month break when he became President folllowing the death of Dr. Jagan.

Mr. Hinds now appears set to head off into retirement after 22 years of serving the government. The General Secretary said the party is in elections mood but he would not say when the party will officially launch its political campaign.

Filed: 26th January, 2015

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