PNC Council of Elders to probe Vanessa Kissoon’s allegations against Party Leader, Aubrey Norton

PNC Council of Elders to probe Vanessa Kissoon’s allegations against Party Leader, Aubrey Norton

The Council of Elders of the People’s National Congress Reform has stepped in to probe the serious claims by longtime party member, Vanessa Kissoon, that some time back the current party leader, Aubrey Norton made a sexual assault threat against her.

The Council of Elders is being supported in its probe by the women and youth arms of the party.

At a press conference today, representatives from the Council of Elders, the Guyana Youth and Student Movement and the National Congress of Women noted the need for the inquiry to be done.

While not indicating a timeframe for the inquiry but suggesting that it is unlikely that it will be completed before the party’s upcoming congress next weekend, party Elder Hamilton Green said due process must take place.

“We were asked to form this daunting and difficult task just a few hours ago, and did not and will not, until there was an appropriate arrangement speak to any of the contending parties. But from what I have heard, we really can be facing a story written by George Orwell and we may be going through the twists and turns of an Orwellian drama. At the end of it all, those of us who are elders and have gone through the thick and thin of this party must seek the truth, and only truth and that it why we accepted this task”, Green said.

He said the inquiry into the allegations must unearth the truth. Party member Vanessa Kissoon has alleged that sometime back, the leader of the party made a sexual assault threat against her in his vehicle while brandishing his firearm. Norton has denied the accusations publicly, but when confronted at the party’s recent Central Executive Committee Meeting, he told party executives that the issue was a private matter, party sources have said.

Mr. Green indicated that the inquiry will have to be thorough and hear from all involved. He said the party’s executive can also act on its own.

“We need to speak to both sides, if the CEC wishes to propose something, then that is a matter for them. In fact, it would be within their competence to make a recommendation which would be binding on the officers, including the leader, chairman, ect. So that is without and beyond the competence of the Council of Elders”, he said.

Despite the allegations, the PNC is moving full steam ahead with its congress and elections, which are set to take place next weekend. Norton is seeking re-election for the position of leader, but is facing some competition from party members, Amanza Walton-Desir and Roysdale Forde.

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