Police probing murder of 19-year-old West Bank Demerara man

Police probing murder of 19-year-old West Bank Demerara man

The murder of a 19-year-old West Bank Demerara man is being investigated as a revenge incident.

The youth, Orlando Samaroo of Belle West, WBD, was stabbed to death on Thursday afternoon at a bus shed in the same community. A Police report stated that the suspect is a 31-year-old miner, who had accused Samaroo of beating and robbing him a few weeks ago.

The Police report said on Thursday afternoon, Samaroo was sitting under the bus shed in the company of a number of other people, when the 31-year-old man appeared and attacked him. Samaroo was stabbed repeatedly in the area of his abdomen, and his attacker hurriedly left the scene as the teenager collapsed.

Persons who witnessed the incident, rushed the injured teen to the hospital, where he died on Friday morning.

With the identity of the suspect known to investigators, efforts are now underway to locate him to face charges for the murder of the young man he complained had beaten and robbed him recently.

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