Policeman remanded to prison over shooting incident

Policeman remanded to prison over shooting incident

A 27-year-old officer of the Guyana Police Force was remanded to prison on Wednesday when he appeared in court to face three serious gun related charges.

The policeman Ocquene Dawson was charged with unlawful possession of ammunition, discharging  a loaded firearm and malicious damage to property belonging to the Guyana Police Force.

The discharging a loaded firearm charge is in connection with the shooting of Waterloo Street mechanic Phillip Small who was shot to the leg by the policeman in February. Small had complained that the policeman had rushed to him to carry out a search but his approach was bad. The man said in a complaint that when he questioned the policeman’s attitude, the police rank whipped out his firearm and shot him to the leg.

The mechanic was hospitalised for a number of days and now walks with the aid of crutches.

The other two charges are related to the policeman damaging a bullet proof vest belonging to the Police Force and him being in possession of ammunition that may not have been issued by the police force to him.

The officer will make his next court appearance later in the month.

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