Power sets failure bring Linden blackouts

Power sets failure bring Linden blackouts

The collapse of three power generating sets in the mining town of Linden has left the community facing electricity supply problems and has brought bauxite production to a halt.

Over the past 48 hours, the Power Company at Linden has been forced to begin rationing the electricity supply to various sections of the community as engineers try to fix several problems that are responsible for the collapse of three of the power generating sets. The problem has left residents facing prolonged hours of blackouts.

Late Friday, the Ministry of Natural Resources announced that the Bosai Bauxite Company in Linden has been forced to bring its operations to a halt to facilitate the efforts to solve the problem and to also not put a strain on the generating sets that are working.

Stakeholders in Linden are expected to meet on Saturday to get a progress report on the situation and air their views on how best the problem could be solved.

Government officials have been in contact with Bosai officials on the developments.




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