President announces salary adjustments for Graduate teachers

President announces salary adjustments for Graduate teachers

President Irfaan Ali has announced adjustments to salaries and benefits to some categories of teachers, indicating that the announcement forms part of his government’s commitment to correct anomalies and disparities across comparable positions within the public service.

A few weeks ago, the President met with a selected group of senior teachers from across the country to listen to their concerns. He said that move was intended to get the direct input from the teachers and to understand their issues better.

This morning, he announced that adjustments will be made to the salary and allowances of graduate teachers.  Teachers who are holders of relevant Bachelor degrees from the University of Guyana, through the GOAL programme or any other certified degree, will be moved to the maximum of the salary scale applicable to the post that they currently occupy.

This intervention, according to the President, will benefit more than four thousand teachers at an annual cost of $1 Billion effective December 01, 2023.

In addition, teachers who are holders of Bachelor’s degrees will receive an education allowance of $10,000 monthly, while holders of Master’s degrees will receive an additional $20,000.

Those with Doctoral degrees will now receive an allowance of $30,000 monthly.

President Irfaan Ali

“These revision in allowances will benefit over 4,500 teachers at an additional annual cost of $500M. Additionally, any pre-existing allowances paid in relation to the post-graduate diploma in Education will remain in place. The adjustment to the salaries and allowances of these workers depending on the salary scale represent an increase of between 10% and 17% increase on the current minimum salary paid to these workers,” the President stated.

Further, the President announced that Remote Areas Incentives for teachers who have been transferred to work in Hinterland locations, will see an upward adjustment in their allowance to $20,000 monthly, effective December 2023.

In breaking down the increases, the President said a Graduate Senior Mistress or Head of Department, will now see their salary bumped up from $243,069 to $262,917, in addition to the allowances.

In the case of a Graduate Assistant Mistress teacher working in the hinterland, will now have their current minimum salary adjusted upward from $223, 232 to $ 242,076, in addition to the allowances.

“If you look at the average in increase in salaries alone, the annualized benefit that will go to a teacher is close to $240,000 at the minimum level. When we add the allowances, that will of course take this up further,” the Head of State calculated.

The President also announced that all teachers who hold a substantive appointment as a Senior Master/ Mistress or above, and are within three years of retirement and have not previously benefitted from a duty free concession on a motor car, will be entitled to a duty free on a motorcar up to 1500cc.

The President said across the board salary increases will be announced at a later date.

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