President Ramotar names Jagdeo as Head of Economic Council

President Ramotar names Jagdeo as Head of Economic Council

Less than three months before Guyanese head to the polls for national elections and just over three years since elections were last held, President Donald Ramotar has named his predecessor, former President Bharrat Jagdeo as the head of a National Economic Council.

The announcement was made on Friday afternoon in a statement issued by the Office of the President.

Statement by President Ramotar

“The economic transformation and modernization of our country are priorities that require the skills of every bright and experienced mind as well as an enabling framework.

While I am proud of the progress made so far, I believe greater focus and attention can lead to enhanced performance in many crucial areas.

I have decided to establish a National Economic Council to bring greater support to my government in enhancing and accelerating our transformational and modernization agenda.

I have asked former President Bharrat Jagdeo who has served for a number of years as the pivot in the modernisation of our economy and led in the crafting of many strategies including the National Development Strategy, the Poverty Reduction Strategy and the Low Carbon Development Strategy to Chair this Council.

More importantly as Head of State for over a decade through a most crucial and rewarding period, former President Bharrat Jagdeo has much to offer and has kindly agreed to assume this responsibility as chair of the National Economic Council.  Further his growing international profile and work can be useful for this effort.

This Council will, among other things, assist in conceptualising and crafting of economic strategies and initiatives as well as support in the oversight in the implementation of various projects and strategic interventions.

The Council I anticipate can give impetus to the already successful efforts of ensuring that my government continues to be responsive to the socio-economic needs of our people.

While he has made clear his non-interest in any constitutional post, his Chair of this Council would ensure that we tap his vast experience and competence in making our country more prosperous.  The former President will be offering his services on a pro-bono basis.

The work of this Council will commence almost immediately.  The composition and terms of reference of the council will be made public.

The former President would also be assisting in the crafting of the PPP/C Manifesto.”


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