President recommits to building “resilient” Guyana in Independence Address

President recommits to building “resilient” Guyana in Independence Address

At the national flag raising ceremony, which was held in the mining town of Linden on Saturday night, President Irfaan Ali recommitted himself and his government to building a more “resilient” Guyana that will work to deliver on the dreams and aspirations of its citizens.

In a 45-minute speech that reflected budget-like details of the country and its economy, the President noted the advancements made in the country over the past 58 years, and the plans to realize much more.

“We recommit ourselves on this occasion in building a Guyana that is resilient, a Guyana that is strong and sustainable, a Guyana that is competitive, and a Guyana in which the citizens of her country, the citizens of our country must and will enjoy the best healthcare services, education services, infrastructure and recreational facilities. This is the Guyana that we are creating”, President Ali said.

According to the President, Guyana has changed since it gained independence 58 years ago in 1966. He said the current Guyana is shaping its own way on the international stage.

The President said “today we live in a Guyana that is much different from our first independence, a Guyana that is shaping her own way globally, a Guyana that is creating her own brand, a Guyana that is creating new opportunities, a Guyana that is re-energizing itself as we work towards a singular goal of bringing all of us together under the umbrealla of One Guyana, and bringing prosperity to every single home”.

He said his government’s vision is one that seeks to ensure that they can build a society that is not only free and just, but a society in which the aspirations of every Guyanese can be realized, and “a society in which we become truly our brother and sister’s keepers”.

In his Independence Address to the nation, President Ali also noted that the country is now in the centre of important developments that are taking place regionally and globally. Focusing on the energy sector, he said there can be no conversations in the future on energy without Guyana being a part of that conversation.

The President said the Government has been making major investments in various sectors since taking office in 2020, highlighting the billions of dollars spent in a number of sectors. He told residents of Linden and Region 10, that the region has a key role in the development plans of the country.

“This region will be the transport and logistics hub between Brazil and the rest of the Caribbean and the rest of the region. All the investment that is taking place on the port side, the more than US$126m investment in bauxite. More than 100 contractors from this region are involved in providing services for Bosai”, he said.

Notably absent from the President’s Independence address was any reference to the border controversy with neighbouring Venezuela, although Venezuela continues to build up troops close to the Guyana border, and has over the past year increased its aggression towards Guyana.

However, during the cultural presentation, there were a number of patriotic and national performances in song and dance, and the members of the Guyana Defence Force during their parade, did a formation of the words “Essequibo Is We Own” on the green pitch of the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground.

(Photos by Office of the President)

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