Over 1700 graduate through GOAL

Over 1700 graduate through GOAL

Addressing over 1,700 graduates from the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) programme on Friday, President Irfaan Ali noted that Guyana’s economy is further bolstered through their achievements, and stressed that their qualifications should foster greater wisdom and a desire to make valuable contributions to Guyanese society.

“We know that with your accomplishment we are better, with your accomplishment we are stronger, we are more united, with your accomplishment we are more competitive and with every level of education, every higher level of education of education you receive you ought to be able to make better decisions, but we don’t normal stick to that theory,” the President told the graduates.

The graduation saw persons from throughout the country receiving certificates, Diplmoas, Bacherlor’s and Master’s degrees from various universities abroad. The courses were administered online and have been touted as a campaign promise of the PPP administration to offer thousands of scholarships to Guyanese who wish to pursue higher education.

According to President Ali, the number of people with post-secondary education has drastically increased since the 1970s. This he said is an indication that persons have continuously show the will to learn and grow.

“You today are in a better place to shake what will drive your future, whether a positive mindset will drive your future, or whether the experiences of the past would allow you to limit yourself or whether today in this moment of pride you take a few seconds and charter your life future, that is not my decision, that is not your university’s decision that is your decision,” the President stated.

Meanwhile, with a number of teachers graduating from the programme.

Education Minister Priya Manickchand said those graduates will now see a bump in their salaries, in keeping with a promise made by the President to offer incentives on higher-education for teachers.

“To every teacher here and we made the distinction that it wouldn’t be Education type degrees, so we have teachers here who did economics, we have teachers here who did a Masters in Supply Chain management, you are all going to benefit from those allowances offered by His Excellency,” the Education Minister stated.

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