Priya banned from Budget debates

Priya banned from Budget debates

Education Minister Priya Manickchand has been banned by the Speaker of the National Assembly from making presentations during the budget debates after she refused to apologise for a heckling remark she made against APNU Member of Parliament, Jaipaul Sharma.

During the presentation of APNU Member Volda Lawrence about sexual abuse and statutory rape, the Education Minister shouted from her bench that Lawrence may need to get information about statutory rape from Jaipaul Sharma who is the son of popular TV host and Leader of the Justice for All Party, CN Sharma.

The Member of Parliament Jaipaul Sharma objected to the remarks and the Speaker asked the Minister to apologise. She refused and the speaker indicated that he will not recognise her in the budget debates because of her refusal to apologise for the remark.

Speaker Raphael Trotman has been warning both sides of the National Assembly about the conduct that ought to be followed by them. Since the start of the budget debates, he has had to caution members from both sides about their heckling and what he considered insensitive remarks at various times.

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