Ramotar has destroyed Democracy in Guyana -Granger

Ramotar has destroyed Democracy in Guyana  -Granger

Guyana’s Leader of the Opposition, Brigadier (retired) David Granger is of the strong view that democracy in Guyana has died and President Donald Ramotar ought to take the blame for that death.

On Tuesday, Mr. Granger and his APNU supporters held an all black silent protest outside the President’s office. The Opposition Leader told reporters that by proroguing the parliament, not lifting its suspension and then calling elections without a date, the President has completely “destroyed democracy”.

“The President knew very well what he was doing, and what he was doing is destroying democracy”, Granger said.

The Opposition Leader pointed to the President’s refusal to assent to bills that were passed by the National Assembly and the government’s refusal to set up some commissions and call local government elections, as evidence that the administration may have been preparing for early elections all along.

Granger said he hopes the Guyanese public is aware and understands “the damage that has been done to democracy” by the government. He said  his party will continue to put pressure on the Donald Ramotar administration.

President Ramotar on Saturday called a press conference to announce that he has decided to call national elections. However, he did not give a date for the elections but noted that the date will come early in the new year.

He prorogued the parliament in early November to avoid a no confidence motion that was being moved against his government by the Alliance For Change. With the APNU indicating its full support for the motion, it appeared as a done deal for its passage with the combined opposition holding the majority in the parliament.


Filed:  10th December, 2014

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