Guyanese man busted in Antigua with 2lbs cocaine in stomach

Guyanese man busted in Antigua with 2lbs cocaine in stomach

A Guyanese man who arrived in Antigua last Friday (December 5, 2014) with just over two pounds of cocaine in small packets in his stomach, has been sentenced to 14 months in jail.

The sentence was handed down after he was unable to pay the fine instituted against him for drug trafficking.

According to the Antigua Observer, 20-year-old, Chandradav Lakhan of Guyana will serve 14 months in prison after he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and two other drug charges.

The report said he appeared before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke and was ordered to pay EC$55,000 as a fine immediately.

But Lakhan could not pay the fine and the magistrate sentenced him to serve 14 months in prison instead.

Once the sentence is complete, Lakhan will be sent back to Guyana, the newspaper reported.

The young man arrived in Antigua last Friday morning on a Caribbean Airlines Flight from Guyana.

According to reports, Police observed him upon his arrival at VC Bird International Airport and his suspicious behaviour caused the lawmen to detain and question him.

Lakhan was then taken to the hospital where an x-ray was done. It showed several foreign objects in his stomach.

He was given a laxative and later passed out about 100 cocaine pellets.

The cocaine weighed about two pounds and police say it is worth about EC$30,000.

Last week, a Guyanese woman was busted at an apartment in Barbados just after she arrived in that island with pellets of cocaine in her stomach. She was busted in the company of a Guyanese man and they were both sentenced to 18 months in jail on drug possession and trafficking charges.

Filed: 9th December 2014

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