Shaking Guyanese man busted with 27 pounds of cocaine at JFK

Shaking Guyanese man busted with 27 pounds of cocaine at JFK

Just days after two other Guyanese men were held in separate drug busts at New York’s JFK Airport, another Guyanese man trembled his way onto the wrong side of the law and was  busted with over 27 pounds of cocaine in his suitcases after arriving in New York city.

According to court documents, Guyanese national Aubrey Young was busted on Friday February 27 at the JFK Airport after he arrived on a Caribbean Airlines non-stop flight from Guyana.

The authorities said upon his arrival, Young was picked out and asked to identify his bags. He took the authorities to two suitcases and identified them as his and also admitted that all of the contents belonged to him.

He was asked to open up the bags and investigators noticed that the man began shaking uncontrollably. At one stage, he had to be assisted in opening one of the bags. He told investigators that he had milk for his son in the suitcases.

During the examination of the suitcases, the authorities noticed a number of packages of a powdery substance wrapped in the man’s clothing.  A hole was made in one of the packages and the contents tested positive for cocaine.

The shaking Young was immediately arrested and taken into custody. He was slapped with drug trafficking charges and made his first court appearance on February 28, 2015.

Bail was denied and he was remanded to prison. If found guilty, Young could face up to 10 years in a US prison.

The US Authorities have been working closer with the Guyanese authorities to carry out a number of drug busts. Just three days before Young was held at JFK, another Guyanese man arrived with over 20 pounds of cocaine in packages of diced fruits and told the authorities he thought he was smuggling diamonds.

On the same day, another Guyana national was held after he arrived in New York to uplift a shipment of cocaine that he admitted he had given to another passenger who arrived a few days earlier. He has also been slapped with drug trafficking and conspiracy charges.

Filed:  3rd March, 2015

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