Coalition youths say time to end winner takes all

Coalition youths say time to end winner takes all

Youth leaders of the parties that make up the APNU-AFC coalition on Wednesday said it was time for the winner takes all system in Guyana to end and for there to be a move to a government of national unity.

Speaking at the launching of the APNU-AFC coalition, Malika Ramsay of the People’s National Congress Reform said the coalition is the realization of the aspiration of “leaders of our party to establish a government of national unity inclusive of all stakeholders and to bring an end to winner takes all politics in Guyana”. ¬†She added that the people of Guyana deserve “another lease on life” and a coalition government will ensure that takes place.

The Alliance For Change’s youth representative Allan Fernandes said his party is a political movement that remains committed to ensuring change in Guyana. He said the AFC believes it was a patriotic responsibility to sign the Cummingsburg Accord which he said is the foundation of the coalition launching.

“As a party, we are of the view that the AFC needed to lead by demonstrating to the nation, in a tangible and meaningful way, that it was steadfast in its commitment to advancing the cause of the Guyanese people”, he said.

The Working Peoples Alliance’s Tabitha Sarabo-Halley told the launching ceremony that the WPA pledges to do everything in its power to ensure victory in the upcoming elections. She said achieving “this historic unity must be a primary responsibility of all patriots”.

Representatives of the other parties that make up the APNU-AFC union also pledged their continued support as the coalition steps into campaign mood for the May 11, 2015 elections.

The coalition launching took place at the Pegasus hotel before a large audience made up of party supporters and special invitees. The APNU-AFC coalition will be heading into the elections as a unity party with a single list of candidates.

Filed: 4th March, 2015

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