May 11 is Guyana’s Deliverance Day – Moses Nagamootoo

May 11 is Guyana’s Deliverance Day  – Moses Nagamootoo

The Prime Ministerial Candidate for the APNU-AFC coalition, Moses Nagamootoo has declared elections day, May 11, 2015 will serve as Guyana’s Day of Deliverance.

In a call for unity,  Nagamootoo s urged Guyanese to vote resounding for a government of national unity at the May 11 polls, promising that there was nothing to fear in giving the coalition a vote.

He was at the time speaking at the media launch of the of the alliance between A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (APNU-AFC) . Mr Nagamootoo said a new day must come and will come for Guyana as he expressed hope that Guyanese will be delivered from the current People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) administration after May 11.

Nagamootoo, who is a former PPP/C member, lashed back at those who criticized his decision to join forces with the APNU. He recalled his boyhood days with Presidential Candidate David Granger growing up on the Corentyne. He said “if we can share a village and a school as boys, tell me why as men we can’t share in common our country and Guyana home.”

He regarded Wednesday’s event as another giant step towards national unity reconciliation saying that “it will be remembered in the new pages of history under the subject index of unity”.

The Prime Ministerial Candidate added that “Guyana desperately needs unity”, and he recalled that the 1992 elections returned electoral democracy to Guyana but argued that while it was the start to a hopeful process, the PPP/C government failed to deliver healing and caused the process to fade and further disordered by “sleaze, corruption and the complacency of criminal enterprises. The PM candidate reasoned that these premature elections were the final straw for the current administration.

He said as the APNU/AFC alliance prepares to take office as an alignment of brilliant minds with one purpose the PPP/C’s mismanagement of the country is noted. Nagamootoo said they have become like the wolf in the fairy tale “Red Riding Hood” with bigger and brighter teeth.

He is confident that May 11 will deliver victory for the coalition and usher in a new government of national unity. Nagamootoo said all over the world “team unity” is winning and the situation will be no different in Guyana. He ended his presentation by getting the entire room to join him in a dance to Bob Marley’s popular single – One Love. He is confident that a new Guyana beckons but warned that the road will be bumpy.

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