If Coalition government was right under Cheddi, It is right now -Nagamootoo

If Coalition government was right under Cheddi, It is right now    -Nagamootoo

Taking the stage to Bob Marley’s iconic “One Love” reggae hit, Prime Ministerial Candidate for the APNU+AFC coalition, Moses Nagamootoo told the coalition’s Unity Rally at Linden that a government of national unity is the way to move Guyana forward.

Mr. Nagamootoo who was a 50-year member of the governing People’s Progressive Party before leaving the party behind to join the Alliance For Change a few years ago told the large crowd that gathered at the Linden/Georgetown mini bus park that if coalition was right under the leadership of Dr. Cheddi Jagan, it is also right at this time in Guyana’s history.

Nagamootoo recalled Dr. Jagan’s fight against rigged elections and his decision to formulate a unity movement with the People’s National Congress. He said Jagan’s wanted to see a united Guyana and the APNU+AFC coalition now offers that vision as it moves into the May 11 elections.

“In 1985 before Forbes Burnham died, Cheddi Jagan proposed that there should be a merger and a coalition government between the PPP and the PNC and he accepted Forbes Burnham as President. If it is right then is it not right now. No one should deny the logics of history”, Nagamootoo said.

The Prime Ministerial Candidate said “today we must bury the hatchet of hatred and division or else we do not deserve to be free”. He said Guyana today, long after its independence, still saw the gunning down of a young man for sharing different political views and lending his support to the coalition. He said the current PPP Civic administration wants Guyanese to be in a state of mental slavery in which they are not allowed to speak up and speak out. “Today it is time that we liberate ourselves from that mental slavery”.

Nagamootoo focused a great deal of his speech on accountability and what he said was the PPP Civic’s administration’s failure to be accountable to the people of Guyana.

He said the PPP Civic has been spending out tax payers money without approval as if it were their own and the country has not seen real development.

Nagamootoo said the PPP has been selling out Guyana’s natural resources in deals that are more foul than fair and noted that the government is also spending millions of dollars on the teeth of its Ministers so that they “laugh at you with bigger and brighter teeth”.

The APNU+AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate zeroed in on recent statements by former President Bharrat Jagdeo that it’s time to “kick some asses”. Nagamootoo said it is the current government that deserves the ass kicking. Nagamootoo noted that it is the current government that has placed workers across the various sectors in the current problems they face and it is time for them to vote the PPP out of office.

The gathering of thousands was told that Guyanese must realize how much of their money was wasted and mispent by the current administration and it is time to change that.

An APNU+AFC government he said, will strengthen Guyana’s many industries and create a better investment environment that will be fair to everyone. Focus he said, will be placed on the manufacturing and agriculture sectors and the health care system will be given special attention and treatment.

He said the APNU+AFC ticket offers a message of unity and racial harmony and one that would see the people of Guyana sharing common goals and realizing their dreams together. Nagamootoo said the people of Linden must reunite with their brothers and sisters from the Corentyne and move on together.


Filed: 15th March 2015


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