We have chosen hope over despair and faith over fear -Granger

We have chosen hope over despair and faith over fear   -Granger

The Presidential Candidate for the APNU-AFC coalition, David Granger on Wednesday said Guyana is at a breaking point and that was one of the main reasons behind the decision of the two opposition parties to join forces for the upcoming elections.

Granger told a packed audience gathered at the Pegasus hotel that it is time for Guyana to move forward with the coalition. He said the coalition is a public covenant and social contract for a better Guyana.

“We are wrestling against a party is failing our young people and that is driving talented people to migrate to other countries. We wrestle against crime and corruption and cronyism. It is written in the good bible that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power” Granger said.

The Presidential Candidate said Guyanese and all of Guyana have become “fed up” with the PPP and it was now time to take on a new course. He said under the PPP, Guyana has become an unhappy country. According to the APNU-AFC candidate, happy people do not kill themselves or each other.

“The People’s Progressive Party has dragged us to the very pit of the human development index. The record rates of arson, armed robbery, murders, suicides, road fatalities, illiteracy, unemployment, trafficking in persons and trafficking in narcotics have made our country a pariah state in this hemisphere. Happy people do not kill themselves; happy people do not kill their wives and one another. Guyana is an unhappy country”.

The country he said must be made one where people are happy to live in once again and one where the Guyanese youth would want to discover the beauty of the country.

The APNU and AFC on February 14 signed the Cummingsburg Accord which set the stage for their coalition for the upcoming elections. Granger who is a historian, said the coalition is “the boldest step” taken in six decades of Guyana’s political history and it must be seen as a step to replace political hostility with unity, to replace confrontation with cooperation and to replace dictatorship with democracy. He said the coalition has chosen hope over despair and faith over fear.

The audience was told that the coalition will focus heavily on improving the education system across the country to ensure a better working force while it will also tackle the problems with crime and will ensure that the country becomes safe again. He called on all Guyanese to get involved with the work of the coalition and lend their full support.

“Our parents and foreparents came from different continents of the earth – here in the Americas; from Africa; from Asia and Europe – to labour for a good life.  We are their heirs. We shall not deny their descendants the fruits of their sacrifice.  We shall not allow a few greedy men and women to steal their legacy or to sell their birthright. We shall not allow the PPP to squander our inheritance. We shall not surrender our God-given right to live in the best, biggest and most beautiful country in the Caribbean – Guyana”, Granger said.


Filed: 4th March, 2015



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