Stone Row: GCCI wants BK to get benefit of the doubt

Stone Row: GCCI wants BK to get benefit of the doubt

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry has gotten involved in the stone row between the Works Ministry and BK Quarries.

The Ministry of Works recently announced its intention to import stone for construction projects because of a “shortage” on the Guyana market. BK Quarries has indicated that there is no shortage and it could meet any demand.

In a statement the GCCI is calling on the Government to give BK the benefit of the doubt since it appears that the company is convinced it could meet local demand.

The release said the organisation has a principled and fundamental belief that if  local private sector companies can supply any goods or services adequately and which meets the necessary quality threshold, then the government should not intervene and compete or cause market distortion by importing such goods and services.

“In this particular case, the Ministry of Public Works should concede the benefit of the doubt to BK International and take the company up on its stated public position that it can sufficiently supply the domestic market with stones if the requisite demands are made”, the release stated.

The chamber said it has been paying attention to the public friction between the Ministry of Public Works and BK International Inc and urges both sides to reach at a settlement that would ensure a win-win situation for not just the two parties at the center of the disagreement but for the infrastructure, construction and building sectors in Guyana.

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