Stop attacking Chinese investors -PPP

Stop attacking Chinese investors  -PPP

The governing People’s Progressive Party has lashed out at the Opposition parties and the media for raising concerns about the Bai-Shan-Lin company and its operations in the forestry sector.

In a statement issued on Monday, the PPP said it has noted with “grave concern, the sustained and calculated attacks by the Opposition and two media houses namely the Stabroek News and kaieteur News perpetrated on foreign investors especially those of Chinese origin”.

The Party said it is convinced that “these targeted attacks are directed at the Chinese people in spite of their industrious predisposition which is evident throughout the world”.

“This industrious nature of the Chinese people has redounded beneficially to the economies of many nations and has impacted positively on the lives of many. Our Party wishes to remind the Opposition and the Kaieteur News that we live in a multi-ethnic society with our peoples cohabiting in harmony sharing and celebrating each other’s culture and traditions. This is evident through all of our national festivals, everyday way of life and events that serve to bring our people together”, the PPP said in its statement.

The party and the government have been defending the Bai-Shan-Lin company in face of mounting concerns over the way the company has been tapping into Guyana’s forestry resources. The Kaieteur News has featured several detailed stories accompanied with photographs highlighting the impact Bai-Shan-Lin’s timber operations is having on the sector.

The Opposition parties have also asked for greater clarification on many of the agreements reached between the company and the government of Guyana.

Both the Government and Bai-Shan-Lin have said that the company has been operating within the confines of the laws of Guyana.

The PPP in its statement sought to make the concerns of the Opposition and the reporting of the issue by the media, more about race than a quest to get questions answered and information provided.

According to the PPP, “the Chinese remain an integral part of this country’s identity sharing common bonds of indentureship with other ethnic groups. Their contributions to our Nation since setting foot on these shores, like all others have been immeasurable and invaluable. As we are all aware, the Chinese who have made this land their home are Guyanese first and foremost. Those Chinese who have demonstrated confidence and the will to contribute to the development of Guyana must be encouraged and must not be victims of hostile political and media propaganda bordering on xenophobia.”

18th August, 2014


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