SWAT team completes first phase of training

SWAT team completes first phase of training

Outgoing Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell has cautioned members of the newly formed SWAT unit of the Guyana Police Force not to get themselves involved in “heinous things”.

Speaking at the Graduation Exercise on Wednesday afternoon for the first phase of training for members of the SWAT team, the Police Commissioner said “this unit must be a special unit, nobody must speak of this unit as a unit that is committing heinous things, this unit must be above par and must be professional”.

He offered thanks to the Police ranks who are now members of the swat team, for staying the course and asked to continue to stay and develop themselves because “one day something may arise” that would force them into action.

He said the members of the unit have showcased a lot of self discipline and appear well coordinated. The Police Commissioner told the team that they must remain determined as they take on their new tasks.

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee said every Guyanese deserve to live in an atmosphere of peace and good order and therefore the work of the SWAT unit will be important. Rohee said the challenges facing the security sector in Guyana are well-known although he believe that much of the criticism leveled against the Force is misplaced.

According to the Minister of Home Affairs, the Government is committed to strengthening the security forces and providing them with the tools and training that may be needed for them to complete their job.

He noted that when the SWAT team was first launched, there were a lot of criticism and questions about whether a need for such a team existed. He said the Government believes the need is real.  Mr. Rohee encouraged the members of the SWAT team to always pay attention to the rights of citizens even when conducting their jobs.

In the 2014  budget, funds have been allocated for the procurement of equipment for the new unit and to also cover training. As Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell gets ready to leave office at the end of March, the Home Affairs Minister said the SWAT unit will be “Commissioner Brumell’s legacy”.

Twenty-seven members of the Guyana Police Force are now the first members of the SWAT Unit.

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