Teixeira wants Gov’t to consider granting work permits to foreign students

Teixeira wants Gov’t to consider granting work permits to foreign students

Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira has asked Citizenship Minister Winston Felix to consider the possibility of granting foreigners who are studying in Guyana work permit which will allow them to secure employment.

The request was made on Wednesday during a meeting of the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Foreign Relations where Teixeira sits as the Chairperson.

Minister Felix said while the current law does not allow for the granting of work permits to foreign students, he has no issues with considering the possibility.

In addition, the Minister was also asked to consider extending the current three year student visa period to preferably a four year minimum.

Teixeira raised the issue of delay in the extension of visas and said that there were complaints from several quarters that the extension of these visas usually take a long time.

Felix said once a request for extension comes to him, within two weeks to a month it is finalized.

“I don’t keep request for extension on my desk for long periods, if there is a delay I cannot account for that,” he added.

Felix explained that as it is now, foreign students are required to pay US$140 for a student visa for three years. When that three years period expires, they will be required to apply for another three year extension.

The Minister disclosed that persons seeking business and employment visas will also have to pay a fee of US$140 while a fee of US$25 is charged for visitor visas.

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