Time for PNC to move forward and grow from experiences -Solomon

Time for PNC to move forward and grow from experiences  -Solomon

Just one day after expressing his worry about the electoral process of the People’s National Congress, Region 10 Chairman and PNC Central Committee member Sharma Solomon appeared to have buried the hatchet while pointing out that the PNC remains the “vanguard party where members are prepared to challenge their leaders and hold them accountable”.

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Mr. Solomon declared that “Congress is over, and we are now faced with the task of moving forward, of mending our rifts, of correcting our weaknesses and building on our strengths to face the national challenges that go over and beyond the challenges we face internally”.

Solomon was adamant that there are still issues surrounding the PNC’s electoral process that ought to be looked at and concerns which need to be addressed. “Region 10 is committed to have all outstanding issues over the last two years addressed by putting in place acceptable modalities. These include the electoral processes and other pressing internal matters that gave rise to the chaos, long before congress was convened”, the Region 10 Chairman noted.

Region 10 and its mining town of Linden have long been very strong supporters of the People’s National Congress. The town of Linden bears the name of the founding Leader of the People’s National Congress, the late President of Guyana, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham.

According to Solomon, the PNC supporters of Region 10 are proud of the structure put in place by the late President and party Founder, to ensure maximum participation and involvement of the party members. He said “Region 10 remains committed to leadership by example and the PNCR, we believe, has the structure and systems which no other political party in the history of Guyana has.”

Mr. Solomon said the People’s National Congress has the means to show how “good governance” is intended to be, and the people of Region 10 “demands this of the PPP/C government”. He noted that he will continue to engage the Leader of the PNC Reform to deal with many of the concerns raised by citizens of Region 10 and by party members also.

When Solomon and former PNC General Secretary Aubrey Norton, withdrew from the race for party Leader, it was believed by some political observers that the two may have been moving in a direction to join another political party or form their own group. That ¬†does not now appear to be the case, and Solomon made it clear at his press briefing that “this challenge from Region 10 will continue where and when necessary to strengthen our party’s democracy, not to destroy our party but to build its ability to deal with dissent, challenges and changes”.

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