Two more Guyanese nationals busted in Barbados with cocaine

Two more Guyanese nationals busted in Barbados with cocaine

Two Guyanese nationals have been sentenced to 18 months behind bars in Barbados after they were found in possession of over 2 pounds of cocaine at an apartment complex in the island.

The two who have been identified as 39-year-old Rohit Singh and 27-year-old Nikita Allen were sentenced on December 2, 2014.

They were jointly charged for possession of cocaine, possession with intent to supply, trafficking and importation.

According to the Barbados Nation, both Singh and Allen pleaded to the charges and in addition to the jail sentence, the two were fined BDS$25 000 each on the charges of possession.  The fines were not paid.

The two were nabbed as the Barbadian police executed a search warrant at the Carib Blue Apartments in Dover, Christ Church where young woman was staying.

Police found Singh there at the time and also discovered 25 packages of cocaine. The young woman who had travelled from Guyana a few days earlier was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where she passed 51 small packages of cocaine that she had ingested and trafficked into the island.

Just two weeks earlier, another Guyanese woman, whose name was given as Rochelle Amanda Gibson was busted when she arrived in the island.

She was found with cocaine hidden in small packages in her vagina. She was convicted of the drug trafficking charge and sentenced to 9 months in jail  along with a fine. There are reports that she may have paid the fine and may have already been deported to Guyana.

File: 7th December, 2014


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