U.S delivers more deportees on special flight

U.S delivers more deportees on special flight

Over 20 Guyanese who have been deported from the United States arrived on a special US Charter flight on Tuesday under US Border security guard.

The special flight arrived at the airport in the afternoon to deliver the deportees. It may have also made a number of stops in some Caribbean islands before it made its delivery at the Cheddi Jagan Airport. The “involuntary remigrants” were welcomed at the airport by immigration and police officials.

The persons were deported from the US for a number of criminal offences and were taken into custody by the Immigration Department and local police upon their arrival for interviews and processing before they are released.

In august of last year, the us authorities also hand delivered over 20 deportees at the Cheddi Jagan airport on a special flight. A number of those deportees had complained that they have no relatives in Guyana and would find it difficult to survive.

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