Violence not part of the solution in pursuit of justice -APNU+AFC

Violence not part of the solution in pursuit of justice -APNU+AFC

While boycotting yesterday’s budget presentation, Opposition Leader Joe Harmon led a group of APNU+AFC Members of Parliament to the West Berbice area yesterday morning where they met with the family of the two cousins who were brutally murdered on Sunday.

During a meeting with the mother of one of the young men, Mr. Harmon said the PPP Civic Government must ensure justice is served in the matter.

He said while the incident took place in the West Berbice area, it has touched every part of the country and people understand the hurt of the family.

Mr. Harmon said the APNU+AFC will remain supportive of the families and their ongoing calls for justice.

He also raised some concern about the Police investigations, making it clear that he has no faith in the current Crime Chief leading a proper probe.

And the APNU+AFC has condemned the killing of 17-year-old Haresh Singh.

The coalition said it wants the Guyana Police Force to leave no stone unturned in bringing his killers to justice without delay.

“There must be no more loss of life or injury to any Guyanese, be they Afro or Indo-Guyanese or member of any other ethnicity or vulnerable group. We call on all Guyanese not to harm anyone at any time under any circumstances, particularly when engaged in civil disobedience or any form of protest against any of these recent gruesome killings.”

The coalition said the country must strive to be brothers and sisters of one Guyana and citizens must not turn against or harm their neighbours, villagers or fellow citizens. The party also said it condemns all forms of violence whether by way of provocation or retribution.

“We need all our young men and women, alive and healthy to help build this great nation. Violence against each other worsens the situation and is not part of the solution or the pursuit of justice”, the statement said.

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