Visa scam artist busted and arrested

Visa scam artist busted and arrested

A man who posed an employee of the United States Embassy has been arrested and is facing possible fraud charges.

Police investigators have not released the name of the scam artist but they have been tracking him for months following reports from a number of persons that they were contacted by him and he offered to sell them US Visas.

According to the Police, the man from Triumph on the East Coast of Demerara was arrested on Thursday following new reports of his alleged scheme. He was found with the travel documents and money he collected from persons he was able to convince that he worked at the embassy and could provide them with a U.S Visa.

Some of his victims paid as much as $1 Million with the hopes of being presented with a U.S visa. The actual cost for a U.S visitor’s visa application is less than $40,000.

The man would collect the passports and money from a location close to the Georgetown embassy and that would be the last they would hear of or see the man.

A few months ago, two persons were handed over to the police after they turned up at the embassy to uplift their “visas” although they had made no applications there. They told embassy staff that they had paid the man a lot of money for the visas and were told to uplift their passports with the visas from the embassy.

The Guyana Police Force said “the suspect is in police custody and the police are calling on persons who may have been victims of this visa scam to report to CID Headquarters, Camp Road, Georgetown, in order to assist with the investigations.”

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