Elderly man crushed to death in hit and run

Elderly man crushed to death in hit and run

An elderly man was crushed to death at the corner of High & Princess Streets on Friday afternoon by a canter truck. The man who is of East Indian descent, is yet to be identified. The driver of the truck sped away from the scene according to eyewitnesses.

One eyewitness told News Source that the man was crossing the road when his shirt was hooked by the truck and he was pulled to the ground. The truck did not stop and one of its back wheels ran over the man’s head crushing it completely.

Several persons gathered at the scene as the police moved in to quickly cordon off the area.

The truck is believed to be a white canter truck and was heading in the direction of the East Bank of Demerara. The body of the elderly man is at the Lyken Funeral Home awaiting identification.

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