Western Diplomats want to hear Guyana’s voice on Russia/Ukraine conflict

Western Diplomats want to hear Guyana’s voice on Russia/Ukraine conflict

The American, British and Canadian diplomats have issued a call for Guyana to add its voice in condemnation of the ongoing occupation by Russia of the Crimea region in Ukraine.

At a joint press conference on Thursday, the three Western Diplomats said it may not be in Guyana’s interest to stay quiet on a situation which involves a much larger neighbouring country moving in and illegally occupying a smaller, lesser developed nation.

The United States, Great Britain and Canada have been leading an international call for Russia to back away from its occupation of Ukraine. The European Union and a number of other international organisations have been imposing sanction on Moscow in an effort to get the Russians to respect international law and end its illegal occupation.

In remarks, Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr. Nicole Giles said Russia must immediately cease its aggressive acts against Ukraine, respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, withdraw its forces, and end the flow of arms, including anti-aircraft systems across the border.

She added that “the peaceful resolution of disputes and the inviolability of international borders lie at the heart of our international order.  There will be repercussions for Russia’s blatant acts of aggression and decision to disregard these basic tenants. Canada stands ready with its international partners to take further measures to isolate the Putin regime”.

The British High Commissioner, Andrew Ayre urged Russia to pursue a different path and to find a political solution to this crisis. He said if Russia does not, then it should be “in no doubt that there will be further consequences. However, this is not our preference. We strongly support a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine and hope that any high-level talks between the two leaders are productive”.

And according to Charge d’ Affaires at the US Embassy, Bryan Hunt “we will not accept Russia’s occupation and illegal “annexation” of Crimea or any part of Ukraine”. He said borders cannot be redrawn at the barrel of a gun.

Mr. Hunt also urged Russia to engage meaningfully on Ukraine President Poroshenko’s peace plan by stopping its military aggression in Ukraine, withdrawing all military forces and equipment from Ukraine and away from its border, and ending support for the separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

“Russia must respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, he said.

The Diplomats said they have been engaging both Guyana and CARICOM and look forward to gaining their support in speaking out against the Russian occupation of Ukraine.


Filed: 12th September, 2014 

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