Woman douses popular Linden businessman with acid over “blow”

Woman douses popular Linden businessman with acid over “blow”

A popular Linden businessman remains hospitalised after he was doused with acid by his reputed wife as she levelled allegations of unfaithfulness.

The businessman who is known as “Chicken” and runs the popular “Chicken Bar” on Republic Avenue in Linden was reportedly about to head into his bathroom late on Sunday afternoon after a misunderstanding with his wife, when she doused him with the acid.

He was rushed to the Mackenzie Hospital, while the woman escaped and remains on the run.

The man received severe burns to his face and upper body as well as to his thighs.

Reports out of Linden state that the two have been going through a rough patch in their relationship as the wife has been accusing the man often of being involved with other women. Some of the couple’s friends said they never expected that the situation would have become violent.

A relative of the man explained that  although the two lived in the same house, the relationship had ended and the man pleaded with her many times to leave his home but she refused. The relative said although the  relationship was allegedly over, the woman would still become upset when she would see the man talking to other women.

A probe into the incident has been launched.

Filed: 14th December, 2014

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